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In all aspects of the funeral arrangements our directors and staff will explain the procedures and
legal requirements whether your family wish for a burial or cremation. Whilst arranging the funeral, we will
advise you on all the costs and charges that will be incurred and provide you with a full written estimate.
The funeral itself is divided into two separate parts, the Funeral Directors' charges and the Disbursements
(expenses we incur on your behalf such as Doctors Fees and if appropriate Organists, Caskets,
Ministers Fees and Obituary Notices which will be paid for by us and then placed onto your funeral account).
The Funeral Directors' charges contain all our professional fees (these include the provision of a
24 hour a day on-call professional, all our services in making the funeral arrangements, arranging documentation and
necessary personal attendances, the use of our private Chapels of Rest, a Hearse, Limousine and Coffin.
CMA Standardised Price List
Standard Additional Price List
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